Foto: Sabrina Askholm Larsen

Arctic Collaboration

Nordic Five Tech has established an Arctic Collaboration Task Force in order to accommodate both opportunities and challenges in the field of Artic technology and environmental research.

New commercial opportunities are arising in the Arctic and so is the need for a sustainable scientific approach to the many activities in the region. The Nordic Five Tech universities collectively possess an impressive array of world-class Arctic competencies as well as a number of valuable resources and platforms located in both the Arctic and Antarctica. We share a great interest in facilitating synergy and cooperation within complementary or overlapping polar research areas.

The Arctic Collaboration Task Force focus on providing concrete recommendations on how the strong Arctic competencies and resources can be leveraged across the universities and in relation to external stakeholders.

Joint workshops on polar research infrastructure
The purpose of the workshops is to facilitate better conditions for joint use of research platforms and increase the visibility of Nordic Five Tech on the Arctic scene.


Chalmers University of Technology

Leif Eriksson, Associate Professor, Radar Remote Sensing, Earth and Space Sciences

Aalto University 
Jukka Tuhkuri, Professor, Head of Department, Department of Applied Mechanics

DTU – Technical University of Denmark
Niels Andersen, Ph.D., Head of Center for Polar Activities

KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Fredrik Gröndahl, Associate Professor

NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Knut Wilhelm Høyland
, professor
13 DECEMBER 2018