Engineering Excellence

This project aims to benchmark the different ways in which engineering excellence and its societal impact (including the value added to companies) is measured and demonstrated in selected leading universities and national evaluation frameworks across the world.

The focus of the Engineering excellence project is how impact is explicated and communicated effectively to the wider audience. The project was launched with the aim to benchmark best practices globally and, on the basis on this benchmarking exercise, to suggest approaches the Nordic Five Tech universities could adopt to be able to demonstrate their societal impact more effectively.

A report was produced in 2014. The findings from this report are to be used by other projects, including the Industry Collaboration project.


Aalto University
Antti Saaristo, Development Manager, Policy & Foresight

Helena Danielsson, Advisor to Vice-President for Undergraduate and Master’s Education

DTU - Technical University of Denmark
Charlotte Holm Billund, Senior Policy Officer, Office for Research and Relations

Gunnar Ivmark, Senior Administrative Officer, Planning and Evaluation Office

Inger-Anne Fånes Sætermo, Rector’s Office for Education
13 DECEMBER 2018