Industry collaboration

In their 2013 meeting the Rectors saw it important to encourage people responsible for entrepreneurship and innovation to exchange good practices on innovation ecosystems and industry partnerships.

The group has met regularly since then. It has compared notes on partner segmentation models, strategic partnership approaches, organizational arrangements and impact measurement.

The conclusion has been that all N5T institutions have strong traditions in company collaboration. Industry collaboration practices vary between the institutions which provides for fertile soil for cross organizational learning. The strengths of each university are clearly complementary.

In addition to cross institutional learning, N5T universities could benefit from taking advantage of each other’s innovation platforms and from collaboration in developing metrics for assessing societal impact.


Aalto University
Teppo Heiskanen, Director Advancement and Corporate Engagement

Chalmers University of Technology
Anders Wennberg, Chief Resources Officer

DTU – Technical University of Denmark
Marianne Thellersen, Senior Vice President – Innovation and Entrepreneurship

KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Margareta Norell Bergendahl, Vice President for Collaboration

NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Johan E. Hustad, Pro-Rector for Innovation
13 DECEMBER 2018