Joint Masters Programmes

The Nordic Five Tech alliance offers a number of joint Master’s programmes. All programmes are taught in English and are open to students with a relevant Bachelor's degree.

Through the joint Master’s programmes students have the opportunity to pursue specific academic interests in areas where the Nordic Five Tech universities have a strong capacity, expertise, and long standing tradition within research and education. Study tracks are predefined in order to utilize the unique strengths of each of the universities. When students  graduate, they receive a Master’s degree from each of the two attended universities.


Aalto University
Börje Helenius 

Chalmers University of Technology
Andreas Eriksson, Study Administrator

DTU – Technical University of Denmark
Maria Runering, Admissions Officer, Study Programs and Student Affairs 

KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Tina Murray, International Relations Office

NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Sigrid Hauge, Senior Executive Officer, Office of International Relations
Oddrun Walstad Maaø (on leave)
13 DECEMBER 2018