PhD collaboration

The Nordic Five Tech alliance collaborates on PhD education to encourage the use of the cumulative research devices of the Nordic Five Tech universities and stimulate mobility for PhD students. 

The PhD level collaboration focus on:

  • Enhancing quality in the PhD education through mutual learning, support and exchange of good practice
  • Reducing barriers to collaboration through mapping of requirements and access to the Nordic Five Tech PhD course database.
  • Exchange of PhD candidates, specialized PhD courses and joint supervision.
  • Enhancing visibility of Nordic Five Tech PhD opportunities internally and externally.

Joint PhD course database

The joint PhD course database enables PhD students at each Nordic Five Tech university to access courses at the other universities. PhD students enrolled at Nordic Five Tech universities may take courses registered in the database without a participant fees.


Collaboration on specialized PhD courses

The aim is to make use of the research infrastructure, create critical mass for the courses and enable networking among young researchers within the field.


Collaboration has been established in three areas:

  • Biofuels (co-ordinated by prof. Kim Dam-Johansen, DTU
  • Artic technology (co-ordinated by prof. Jukka Tuhkuri, Aalto University)
  • Smart grids (Co-ordinated by prof. Morten Hovd and Kjetil Uhlen, NTNU)

Mapping of PhD education at the Nordic Five Tech universities
To create a mutual understanding and knowledge of the administrative processes of PhD education at each partner university, a mapping has been made - providing overview of differences and similarities of PhD education.
5 OCTOBER 2022