Joint statements


2018: Position Paper by the Nordic Five Tech universities on Lifelong Learning in the 21st Century

In the future, advances in digitalisation, robotization and automation will cause one-third of current professions to disappear, and the remaining two-thirds will undergo a massive transformation by year 2030. In consequence, most graduates of today will need to update their competencies, perhaps many times, over the course of their careers. N5T universities are willing and able to take up the challenge and assume a significant role in continuous education, however, lifelong learning entail a wide-ranging, complex set of issues, requiring the attention and support of society as a whole.


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2018: Position Paper by the Nordic Five Tech universities on Public Funding of Engineering Education


The global university landscape is undergoing a profound transition. Asian universities and university systems are challenging the dominance of North American and Western European institutions, and the center of gravity of the academic world is moving eastward. The backbone of Nordic innovation economies is the excellent engineering research and education, and the public compensation for teaching must take into account the considerable costs.


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21 FEBRUARY 2020