Pedagogical Development

The Pedagogical Development Network focus on building and strengthen the relationships between the units at the N5T institutions.

The Pedagogical Development Network meets annually, often in late August. Their activities have included:

  • mutual participation in courses and other events held by N5T partners
  • exchange of guest teachers at courses and events
  • joint ventures during conferences
  • knowledge sharing through documents of general interest


Aalto University
Johanna Söderholm 

Chalmers University of Technology
Malin Kjellberg - Division of Engineering Education Research

DTU – Technical University of Denmark
Birgitte Lund Christiansen - LearningLab DTU

KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Fredrik Lundell - Higher Education Research and Development

NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology 
Reidar Lyng - Seksjon for universitetspedagogikk (Uniped)
28 JUNE 2022