Quality Assurance

The Nordic Five Tech Peer Evaluation of MSc programmes is a well established quality assurance concept within the alliance. The programme runs annually. As of 2015, Bachelor's programmes are also included in the evaluation scheme.

The purpose of the exercise is to contribute directly to the development of the Nordic Five Tech  study programmes and to qualify discussions in the member institutions on quality and quality assurance measures. As an international university alliance, Nordic Five Tech  presents a valuable setting for testing QA concepts in an international context.

Since the launch of the programme in 2009, some 45 programmes have been evaluated by Nordic Five Tech peers. Academic staff who have participated in the evaluations consider it to be a unique opportunity to gain feedback from international colleagues who are involved in similar educational programmes.

The peer evaluation is considered a productive instrument in identifying strengths and risks for the future development of the programmes. The project has also received attention outside of the participating programmes and institutions with a paper on the Nordic Five Tech peer evaluation process being presented at the CDIO conference at DTU in 2011. An abstract on programme leadership from a Nordic perspective was presented at the CDIO conference Brisbane, Australia 2012.


Aalto University
Raili Pönni, Head of Planning and Leadership support, Leadership Support Services

Chalmers University of Technology
Katarina Ekman, Senior advisor

DTU Technical University of Denmark
Randi Lindland Roest, Educational consultant, LearningLab DTU

KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Anna-Karin Högfeldt, Lecturer, Program Director of Faculty Development, ECE

NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Nils Rune Bodsberg, Senior Adviser

28 JUNE 2022