The Nordic Five Tech universities have very high academic standards and are amongst the top international technical universities. The universities provide excellent opportunities for students to pursue their specific academic interest. By pooling resources through the Nordic Five Tech collaboration we are able to offer world-class facilities in the respective universities’ areas of excellence.


N5T Extended Campus Programme

The Nordic Five Tech alliance offers Extended Campus Programme for its Master’s degree seeking students. The programme is carried out under the Erasmus+ student mobility scheme and the programme studies will be recognized to the Master’s degree awarded by the home university. 

The first specialization of N5T Extended Campus Programme is Batteries. Students interested in this specialization apply during the Erasmus+ student exchange application round organized by their home university. Students enclose to their application a study plan (Erasmus+ Learning Agreement) consisting of 30 ECTS coursework including minimum 15 ECTS Battery related courses and indicating the possible interest of doing the Master’s thesis (30 ECTS) in the host university. Upon successful completion of the programme the students are awarded a N5T insert of N5T Extended Campus Programme.

Students apply through their home university. Consult your international office for information on how to apply, incl deadline. 

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Joint Nordic Master’s programmes

The Nordic Five Tech alliance offers a number of joint Master’s programmes. All programmes are taught in English and are open to students with a relevant Bachelor's degree.

Through the joint Master’s programmes students have the opportunity to pursue their specific academic interests in areas where the Nordic Five Tech universities have a strong capacity, expertise, and long standing tradition within research and education. Study tracks are predefined in order to utilize the unique strengths of each of the universities. When students graduate, they receive a Master’s degree from each of the two attended universities.

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